001ec94a26ba0ad6876445Teresa Teng is a phenomenon. She sang many genres of songs and in several languages/tongues. Other than being the queen of Mandarin-pop, Canto-pop and Japanese-pop, she also sang Chinese folk and Chinese opera (in different Chinese dialects); Japanese folk (enka); Indonesia folk; and English pop, jazz and pop-rock! Her language and singing skills are unmatchable. It will remain so for the next 100 years, as many of her fans will not hesitate to agree!

You will discover that something “magical” in every song Teresa sings – whether an original or cover – that will make you an instant fan (yes – even though you may be 20 years late!). You may not understand a word she sings, but you will appreciate her unique voice and singing – beyond your own expectations nonetheless!

Listening to this small sample (below) of her 3,000+ songs will give you a good idea why she has such a massive following of fans from all cultures across the globe today despite her demise in 1995. We refer to her as the Great Teresa Teng because each of her hundred plus “small” accomplishments is nothing short of a lifetime achievement for most singers (see Milestones).

To appreciate her singing, find some place comfortable and relaxing (preferably with quietness and silence – such as in the quiet of the night) and begin your journey into the world of Teresa Teng with the most famous of her songs, The Moon Represents My Heart. Make sure your volume is high enough to hear her voice clearly (the repro is not that great here though). I must warn you –  listening to her can become an addiction. Enjoy! – Just click on any of the titles in the below table.

Slow numbers
The Moon Represents My Heart

What Have You
Got To Say?

Sweet Honey

Goodbye My Love (Jap)

Rain of Teardrops

Fast numbers
Regret Falling In Love With You

I Smile Whenever I See You

Mining Betel Nuts

Don’t Care Who You Are

The Waves of Life (Jap)

Folk songs
Floral Breeze

Small Town Story
Do Not Pick Roadside Flowers

Spring Comes To The North

Medley: Sighs; Wondering Songstress; 4 Seasons
English songs
Fire!New York! New York!Medley: Designer Music, I Love Rock & Roll, Stupid CupidWe May Never Love Like This Again
(sang in Mandarin)

Endless Love
(Duet with HK singer George Lam)

More love songs
Unforgettable First Love
A Thousand Words

I Did Not Lie To You

Do You Know Whom I Love?


Early Days
Country Road
(one of the songs 10-year old Teresa sang in the National Huangmei Opera Contest that won her 1st Placing)
Love Is Like A Balloon
Alishan Girl

Majestic Phoenix

Na Nu Wa Love Song

Terese Teng sang 1,400 Chinese songs and recorded more than 100 albums/CDs by the age of 30 – not counting songs in other languages. By the age of 20 (in 1973), she had already recorded close to 40 “LP” albums in Mandarin and in Taiwanese Hokkien. This is approximately 800 songs (see below)!teresa_albums_b4_20The details (in Chinese) of each album shown above can be found on this wonderful web site.

After 1974, she recorded and released the following albums – many of them are for her Japanese fans but the list below is not a complete list (click here and drag the page to get a bigger view of the below image):

tt_albums_launched_dates(to enlarge image, click here)

Teresa had a series of Mandarin, Cantonese, Hokkien, English, Indonesian and Malay albums – with many hit songs – that made her a household name outside Taiwan after 1974. Many of these are not included in the above timeline. (One of her most loyal of fans, George, has put together a video featuring Teresa singing in seven different languages. You can find it here.)

Just do the math and you will realize that with an average of five albums to produce a year over a 20-year career, she had very little time to do other things  – such as learning the different languages/tongues; hosting her own TV shows; planning, rehearsing and performing her other screen and stage obligations including military concerts, TV programmes and charity projects – let alone meeting her own personal needs (now you understand why she had always lamented about insufficient time to cultivate a permanent relationship). Almost every album she recorded, whatever language, was a hit. In a time when there was no mobile technology and social media, reaching 50 million record sales was nothing short of amazing.

Where can you find her CDs and albums? They are all over the internet.. Amazon, Ebay, Youtube, etc. If you go to Singing, you can see links to many of her videos, including full-length concerts, all of which are translated into English by Teresa’s most ardent fan, George of HKships4TeresaTeng2 ( Youtube ID), whom himself has a following of fans because of his years of painstaking effort to translate and even reconstruct some of Teresa’s “lost” concerts. It is not an exaggeration to say that it takes years to discover what Teresa Teng has sung, what kind of person she is and what she has accomplished. What is written on this web site is just a short introduction of this truly amazing and exceptional woman for her new, English-speaking fans. You can read more about her life story here.

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